Node-RED Con 2022

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About The Conference

The conference will be held this October as a free online event. The aim is to boost the Node-RED community by promoting interaction between users, showcase new technologies and demonstrate use-cases in different fields.

  • Keynote Sessions
  • Business Sessions
  • Technical Sessions
  • Networking
  • Location Live Streamed
  • Date & Time 7, Oct 2022
    8:00-19:00 (UTC)
  • Speakers Amazing Speakers
  • Seats unlimited

Why you should attend Node-RED Con

If you are already using Node-RED or just interested in getting started, please join us!
This is a conference with lots of information about Node-RED developers, use-cases, development tips, and more.

Cool speakers

Presenters who are at the forefront of working with Node-RED. Bringing the latest information, activities, and technical sessions.


Good opportunity to communicate

The Node-RED user community has active members in many different fields and locations. Come and join us.


Global event

Speakers and attendees from around the world will attend this conference.


Great inspiration

Experts from various fields will participate.
Be inspired for your hobby projects or your work!



Building connections between developers is important for open source development. Interact with other users and developers to learn from them.


Live in the moment

Meet people with the same purpose. Keep in contact with participants and organizers even after the event.









Amazing Speakers

More speakers comming soon!

Nick O'Leary

CTO & Founder at FlowForge Inc
Node-RED Project Lead

Jesse Cox

Director of Automation Sales Engineering and Development WAGO Corp.

Peter Hoddie

CEO & Co-Founder Moddable, Chair Ecma TC53

Klaus Landsdorf

CEO and Founder

Pablo Acosta-Serafini

Vice President Of Engineering

Marc Pous

IoT Giant and Developer Advocate

Lakshantha Dissanayake

Application Engineer
Seeed Studio

Andrew MacLean

Community Manager
Battlesnake Inc.

Soheel Chughtai

MQ Developer Experience
IBM Software

Dmytro Doroshenko


Sam Machin

Product and Community
FlowForge Inc.

Wataru Yamazaki

Uhuru Corp.

Alex Orsholits

The University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Engineering, Department of Architecture, Obuchi Laboratory

Takahiro Nakahata

SmartLight Co.,Ltd.

Takao Aoki

Uhuru Corporation

Keisuke Kajigaya

NEC Corporation

Ayachika Kitazaki

Nora Hacker / SRE

Session Schedules

We have two tracks.
Being digital, you can move between sessions at your convenience.
Session information will be added at any time.

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Node-RED Con is brought to you by the community

Atsushi Kojo

Chief Research Officer,

Nick O'Leary

FlowForge Inc.

Pablo Acosta-Serafini

Vice President of Engineering,
Prescient Devices, Inc.

Sam Machin

Community Product Manager,
FlowForge Inc.

Seigo Tanaka

1ft Seabass

Taiji Hagino

Senior Technical Evangelist,

Kazuhito Yokoi

Software Engineer,
Hitachi, Ltd.

Contact us

For inquiries regarding this conference, please contact us here.

Code of Conduct

This event will be follow the Node-RED Communtity Code of Conduct .